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Landmark District Growing with Addition of Landmark 7 and District MarketBy , Sep 15 2019

Ground has officially broken for Landmark 7, the newest tower to join the

growing Landmark District. Upon completion, Landmark 7 will stand 23 storeys tall, offering

plenty of commercial space and some of the best views in the city.

The Landmark District is already one of the region’s most important employment communities,

currently hosting over 3,500 people who work across several industries including technology,

professional services, education, retail and more. 23 new businesses opened in the Landmark

District in 2018 alone, demonstrating the demand for this unique business center.

This demand is only expected to grow along with Kelowna’s population, which is anticipated to

increase by 50,000 people over the next 20 years. Having access to commercial space will be

fundamental in supporting the flourishing population and a balanced economy.

The Landmark District is also excited to announce the Grand Opening of the new District

Market, located at 1717 Harvey Avenue, the former site of the original Turner Volkswagen

building. The District Market brings several new dining options to the area, making it a new

culinary destination in Kelowna:

● Frankie†We†Salute†You°†—†Award-winning vegetarian and plant-based food, regional

wine, craft beer and cider.

● Freshii†—†A Canadian fast food restaurant that offers healthy ingredients, nutritious

bowls, salads, wraps, burritos, frozen yogurt, smoothies, special juices and more.

● Quesada†Burrito†¶†Taco†—†Focused on made-fresh-daily salsas and guacamole,

Quesada is all about healthy, Mexican-inspired flavours; a true Joy of Mex experience.

● Yellow†Star†Snack†House†—†A locally owned, high-quality Vietnamese restaurant

featuring Banh Mi (Vietnamese subs), bowls, snacks, desserts, smoothies and bubble


The District Market will also be home to Pace†Spin†Studio†, Kelowna’s newest boutique spin




Landmark†District¨”†said Dallas Gray, Marketing Agent of Commercial Properties at Landmark




significant†step†in†that†direction¨”†said Carolyn Stober, Director, Stober Group.

There is no doubt that the Landmark District has come a long way since the first office tower

opened in 1996, after Al Stober recognized the need for convenient, high quality office space in

Kelowna. Now, the District continues to grow with new residences, amenities and office towers

that accommodate the growth of some of Kelowna’s leading companies.

Landmark 7 is now pre-leasing. Contact Dallas Gray or Scott Wandler at 250-763-2305 for more




Stober Group has been a Kelowna-based and family-owned company for over 62 years.

Providing exceptional, award-winning building design, construction and project development,

Sstober Group has tirelessly pushed the envelope of community design since day one. Built on

the bedrock of trust, Stober Group has established themselves as a respected leader in

property management and land development across the Okanagan.


Scott Wandler

Director of Leasing, Commercial Properties

ASC Ltd.


Dallas Gray

Marketing Agent, Commercial Properties

ASC Ltd.


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