The Landmark buildings have energy efficient designs with leading edge technology and access to Kelowna’s Dark Fibre network. With over 30 established tech companies in the District, there are networking opportunities around every corner.

Our free, Landmark Campus Wi-Fi provides central hotspots and a fast and easy way to stay connected outside of your office.

Stay Connected and Powered Up

Fully Equipped

Landmark 7 is fully equipped with connections for all major commercial fiber carriers. This is perfect for those that don’t need the extreme speed of dark fibre but still need high quality internet to stay connected.

The campus-wide fibre infrastructure for suite-to-suite or direct fibre to data centres allows everyone to stay connected all day long. For the tech giants out there, the City of Kelowna’s Dark Fibre Network is also available at Landmark 7 so they can experience the best connection on the market in Kelowna.

For tenants that require uninterrupted power an available option is securing access to the Landmark District’s back-up generators to guard against business interruption.

Data centre and technical support


Not only are we fully connected with highspeed internet, but IT providers work on-site and can take care of all the technical needs of Landmark District tenants. This keeps the entire area running smoothly with technical solutions mere steps away. In addition to national data providers, local firms offer onsite data centres that have been carefully designed to provide all storage, backup and co-location needs for companies on-site.

Now LeasingLandmark 7

Brand new, Class A office spaces now available

The newest addition to the Landmark District is now accepting applications for tenants. Landmark 7 is a modern, 23-storey building with customizable office spaces starting as low as $16 per square foot to rent.

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